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Lucy Rees

Lucy Rees, writer, equine ethologist and horse trainer, is a Welsh woman who has travelled and worked in various countries in search of the easiest way of dealing with horses, one which is universally applied and is successful.


After studying zoology at the University of London, where she majored in neurophysiology, neuroanatomy and ethology, Lucy completed her postgraduate studies at the University of Sussex in England. Later she had a somewhat atypical riding experience in the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales, where she began to tame the wild horses of that range, gaining fame for her special treatment of horses with problems. She also began to write her first books (novels).

lucyiberico11 For many years Lucy edited the magazine, Mountain, dedicated to the world of climbing, while beginning to produce numerous video works. She travelled to many countries, especially Ireland, the USA and Portugal, where she acquired a wide-ranging experience of different cultures and approaches towards horse training. This resulted in the publication of her book, The Horse’s Mind, in which she combines her experience with scientific studies of equine ethology. This book had and still has a huge impact, as it was the first scientific book about equine behaviour presented in a popular format.

In addition, Lucy has considerable experience in film and television as a practical and scientific advisor. She featured in two television documentaries, To Ride a Wild Horse, filmed for HTV in 1983, in which she captured and tamed a wild mustang stallion in the desert of Arizona, and Chamana de caballos [Horse Shamans] in 2002, for Catalonian television.


Lucy rees

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Lucy writes regularly for various English and Spanish magazines (and not always about horses) and she has taught at various universities in both countries.

Besides popularizing knowledge about the training and treatment of horses, she is also interested in other applications related to it, in aspects such as performance, dance, treating young people with social problems and psychotherapy.


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